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Yes, Darth Vader is the king of Jedi Exterminating. The once Anakin Skywalker was seduced by the Sith Lord and betrayed the Jedi order in a merciless… ugh… wait.. if you didn’t know of Vader’s quest to eliminate the Jedi, then this parody isn’t for you. Darth and his minion storm troopers are featured in this Bulwark t-shirt parody of all bug war parodies.

A little t-shirt history…

What happens when May the 4th joins forces with Cinco de Mayo?

May the Quatro is born! It’s certainly goofy, but it is a lot of fun. I mean how often do you get to smash a Death Star piñata? The year it fell on Taco Tuesday was even more epic! … I’m sorry, what was that? What does day of the dead have to do with May the Quatro?… err… IDK. It’s just a cool shirt. Own it. Wear it!

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