Beetles, NOT BEAT-les


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It is more than just a bit punny, to take the iconic Abbey Road of the four famous BEATLES and turn them into walking BEETLES… But do you know why it is more than a bit punny?

The original name of the Beatles was indeed a play on the word beetles. This group liked Buddy Holly and the Crickets and liked the idea of naming their band after an insect as well. But beetles needed that extra pun of making it BEAT-les. They were rock-n-roll, or “BEAT MUSIC”. Changing that single vowel made beetles relevant to music. So now we have taken this full circle to pay homage to those insects that inspired the name of a band that defined a generation. This shirt completes the cycle of the iconic Beatles pun as Beetles, spelled both correctly and incorrectly. Depicted in full Bulwark parody, we give you the BEETLES.

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